Helen Geddes

Helen Geddes has been a seeker of new healing techniques and models such as the Recovery Model demonstrated as a Wellness Advocate, Assistant Director, and Community Support Worker for Contra Costa County’s Mental Health Consumer Concerns, Inc., now known as Recovery Innovations, Inc. in California. In addition, she has worked with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. The new models for (alternative) healing and along with re-application of old, new, and yet un-shelved technologies is what Helen feels will move us into the Aquarian Golden Age to help foster longevity, access our magic I AM Presence, reaching our full potentials, strengthening the micro and macrocosm of the soul, and liberating ourselves from the cycle of rebirth.

Ms. Geddes spent her time working on the family farm and has significant ideas on the relationship with Mother Nature and our consciousness along with the devastating use and the effects of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, vaccinations, chemtrails, infrasonic and ultrasonic sound waves, harmful alpha thru delta frequency waves, glycophase, Roundup, GMO’s, glutten that are being used side by side with viruses, pathogens, harmful bacteria and fungi that help to create neurological dysfunction and distortion of our natural God-given talents, skills, gifts and abilities within our auric field such as the use of telepathic thought, teleportation, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and telekinesis etc.

Helen Geddes is, in a constant fashion, discovering new passions, such as her new interest in ancient plant consciousness and the healing field of herbology and protocols for healing. This she feels is tantamount as we are in the process of liberating not only our Mother Planet, but ourselves along with all of her life forms.