Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross is an inspirational author, speaker and television producer of conscious media. She has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to inspiring, empowering and enlightening humanity through books, videos, services and events. She is the author of The Up! Trilogy and her book “Wake Up!” has touched the lives of thousands of people by liberating their minds from limiting beliefs. Her television series Lighten Up! had been viewed by millions of people empowering them to live their best lives as their highest selves.Her new upcoming series Supernatural Adventures will take viewers on a sacred journey around the globe and into the cosmos empowering them to believe that they are both human and divine. She is also the President of a nonprofit called Awakening, a 501c3 dedicated to the spiritual community.

Suzanne Ross ~ The Heart Frequency Conference Presentation Summary

I will be presenting about my upcoming television series “Supernatural Adventures – Around the Globe and Into the Cosmos” and offering a brief montage from my television series Lighten Up T.V. featuring interviews with thought leaders from around the world.I will be offering ‘Inspirational Breathing Practices and a Guided Meditation from my book Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection. I have attached images for both.

Our fascinating new television series, Supernatural Adventures, take the viewer on a virtual adventure to sacred sites on planet earth that are aligned with constellations in the cosmos. We explore spirituality, mystery school teachings and quantum physics on our journey. We will connect into our galactic families in the cosmos and call upon ascended masters and archangels in higher realms.

My television series Lighten Up! T.V. was ranked the #2 most watched show on the VoiceAmerica T.V. network for 6 straight seasons. Now these episodes can be viewed at:

The inspirational breathing and guided meditation from my transformational book “Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection” will soothe and center the audience while taking them on an astral journey to explore other realms beyond our own. My book and companion workshops can be accessed at: