Victor Camacho




Evidence has been found around the world of possible extraterrestrial beings
visiting our planet since ancient times. There are cave paintings more than
10,000 years old showing images of little beings and objects in the sky. There
is a relationship between these entities with ancient humans.

We face in Mexico, the discovery of strange artifacts belonging to an unknown
culture that could have been the origin to the rest of the Pre-Hispanic
cultures. These strange rocks contain engravings of a possible alien language
that tell their story of beings that inhabited this planet and left their
knowledge in a stone library that could change the history of mankind as we know

We visited the exact area where these enigmatic pieces have been found along
with the remains of an ancient settlement that of an advanced civilization. We
also met with the person that first discovered these enigmatic pieces and a
collector with more than 1,200 artifacts. We also investigated sighting reports
of unidentified flying objects with strange features that break completely the
laws of physics. Clay pieces with UFO shapes and strange insectoid type beings
were also discovered.

An untold story of the origin of man is embedded in an old stone library of a
possible civilization that may have come from the stars!

Victor Camacho

Ví­ctor Camacho, investigador y conductor del programa radial los Desvelados,
que se transmite a nivel nacional en los Estados Unidos y México, Colaborador en
Televisa, México semanalmente en donde presentaba investigaciones realizadas en
Estados Unidos, México y otros paí­ses. Ha colaborado en programas especiales
sobre ovnis de Discovery Channel, UFO HUNTERS del History Channel y Fact or
Faked de SyFy Channel. Mexicano de nacimiento, conductor dentro de los medios
radiofónicos por 27 años en los Estados Unidos. Con estudios de comunicación en
la Universidad de Weber State University en el estado de Utah. Director de
“Desvelado Network”con base en Los Angeles, Ca. donde produce el programa de
“Los Desvelados”, que ya por 20 años ha conducido en formato hablado tocando
temas del fenómeno Ovni, Paranormal, arqueologia prohibida, conspiraciones y
otras realidades. Este programa único en su clase para la comunidad hispana en
los Estados Unidos a logrado cautivar la atención del publico nocturno a través
de 25 ciudades en la unión americana y Mexico.

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